Hotel FAQs

Should I Use My Hotel Points To Arrange A Stay? 

Find a hotel that offers the most value for your money in terms of product and service. You shouldn’t put loyalty programs too high on your priority list when choosing a hotel, as they can sway your choice to buy. Just how far back does it go? It’s something in between whether or not they provide mints or chocolates as a turn-down service. Seriously. The moment you incorporate loyalty programs into your buying process, you’re a sitting duck.

What Do Guests Expect To Find When They Make A Hotel Reservation?

Customers will research your hotel’s details (such as its quality, pricing, facilities, reputation, location, and reputation) across many channels (including OTAs and your own website) before settling on a final choice.

To What Extent Can I Narrow My Hotel Search Based On Cost?

Hotels that are available on the day you specify can be sorted by price, popularity, class, or name using the menu just at the top left of the search page.

If I Want To Find A Hotel That Has A Certain Amenity—Say, A Pool—How Do I Narrow My Search?

Just select “Show advanced options” from the search menu on the left. Now you may narrow down your options by picking specific amenities, like a “pool,” throughout your search.

What Criteria Should I Use To Find A Hotel That Has Family Rooms?

Just select “Show advanced options” from the search menu on the left. You can now narrow your results by choosing certain services, including “Family rooms” note that these rooms will not necessarily be available for the requested dates.